Build a Successful Sales Organization

by David Gabbert

Would you like to learn how to build a more successful sales organization to grow your revenues?

Are you sick and tired of losing sales to the competition? Are you disappointed with the ability of your sales people? Maybe you find it difficult to motivate your sales people?

Learn from my mistakes, experiences and proven business strategies.

I have successfully started several companies in the last 45 years and currently operate companies in the real business world.

I understand your challenges.

Whether you are starting a new business, managing an ongoing business, or simply want to advance your knowledge about how to build a successful business model to outperform the competition, this book is for you.

Just imagine the revenue potential if you could learn how to develop a professional sales organization to outperform the competition. Imagine the financial benefit of not losing sales and wasting advertising dollars spent on attracting prospects.

Benefits of this book

  • Learn about the talents and skills possessed by professional sales people.
  • Learn how to develop a dynamic role-playing training program including the following topics:
    1) Developing a mini commercial for networking.
    2) Building relationships and qualifying the buyer.
    3) Understanding customer needs.
    4) Establishing confidence and selling benefits.
    5) Uncovering objections.
    6) Listening for buy signals and closing the sale
    7) Following up prospects.
  • Learn how to develop motivational reward programs.
  • Identify the most common mistakes made by salespeople.
  • Plus… provide a workbook to help you place the proven strategies into action.

This book won’t do all of the work for you but it will take you through the necessary steps to help you develop an effective sales organization. To learn the proven strategies and complete the workbook will require an investment of your time. Once you have begun your learning journey, I am available to help you with any questions you may have via one on one telecoaching.

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Build a Successful Sales Organization
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