If the products or services you are offering are not remarkable, they are no doubt invisible. As marketers we know that the old ways of adverting just don’t work anymore. The consumer is way too busy to pay attention to your advertising, they have far less time to listen, and a lot more choices from which to choose. The bottom line is customers are hard to reach because they ignore you and your advertising; today even satisfied customers are less likely to tell their friends about you.

How do you become perceived as remarkable? Take the riskier path rather than the safer one. Possess a desire to do truly amazing things. It is imperative to create things so remarkable they are worth talking about. Focus your energies on creating something new – a new twist to a product, a new and more convenient sales and delivery system than your competitors, or new and remarkable touch points that wow people.  The way to break through to a larger audience is to start by targeting a niche. Target people who like change and are searching for what it is you are offering; as the idea catches on it will spread to the followers. It is not an accident when people start talking about some products and not others.

These thoughts have been provided by Seth Godin in his book the Purple Cow.

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