Develop Successful Marketing Strategies

by David Gabbert

Would you like to learn how to build a more successful marketing program that will grow your revenues?

Are you sick and tired of spending money on advertising that does not give you the desired results? Are you disappointed with how much it costs to develop a new customer? Maybe you find it difficult to develop customer loyalty or to get people talking about your business.

Learn from my mistakes, experiences and proven business strategies.

I have successfully started several companies in the last 45 years and currently operate companies in the real business world.

I understand your challenges.

Whether you are starting a new business, managing an ongoing business, or simply want to advance your knowledge about marketing, this book is for you.

Just imagine the revenue potential if you could learn how to develop a brand so unique people would enthusiastically talk about your business to others. Imagine the revenue benefits of knowing how to create advertising that generates a continuous stream of new prospects.  Imaging the power of knowing how to build customer loyalty to a level where they keep coming back to your company to buy more.

Benefits of this book

  • Be aware of the most common marketing mistakes.
  • Learn how to develop a strong brand, differentiating you from the competition.
  • Learn how to build customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Learn how to build customer referrals.
  • Learn how to develop a continuous flow of new prospects.
  • Learn how to design advertising that sells.
  • Learn how to develop an annual marketing plan.
  • Learn how to select the best marketing medias and methods for your business.
  • Learn how to rate your present marketing effectiveness.
  • Plus… provide a workbook to help you place the proven strategies into action.

This book won’t do all of the work for you but it will take you through the necessary steps to help develop an effective marketing program. To learn the proven strategies and complete the workbook will require an investment of your time. Once you have begun your learning journey, I am available to help you with any questions you may have via one on one telecoaching.

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Develop Successful Marketing Strategies
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