What is the difference in sales volume between your bottom sales people and your mid to highest producing sales people? Whatever the number, that is how much money it is costing the company to keep the low producing sales people around. And when you consider the number of disappointed customers that spread negative word of mouth advertising, one could not calculate the cost of damage to the company.

Ask yourself, would you continue to invest money into a poor performing product? Of course not.  So why would you continue to invest money into people who consistently dwell in the bottom quarter of your sales force. Realistically, anyone you hire cannot do any worse than last place so what do you have to lose by replacing them?

Just like evaluating any financial outcome, you can develop metrics to measure lead development, the sales volume, average sale, up sales, cancellations and returns, and closing ratios of every sales person. Use sales metrics to help you focus on separating out the under-performing sales people faster.

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