Develop Effective Speaking and Listening Skills

by David Gabbert

Would you like to learn how to build a stronger, more competitive company by improving the effectiveness of communication skills within your company?

Are you puzzled why employees complain about their supervisors? Are you concerned about your supervisor’s lack of ability to communicate properly with their subordinates? Maybe you find it difficult to keep employees happy and productive? Perhaps you “cringe” when you hear your customer service people talk to an angry customer.

Learn from my mistakes, experiences and proven business strategies.

I have successfully started several companies in the last 45 years and currently operate companies in the real business world.

I understand your challenges.

Whether you are starting a new business, managing a going business, or simply want to advance your knowledge about effective communication skills, this book is for you.

Just imagine growth potential if you could learn how to create a positive, encouraging work environment through effective communication. Imagine the benefits of knowing how to create communication training programs that convert unhappy customers into loyal and vocal advocates. Imagine the power of knowing how to utilize superior communication skills to engage and motivate employees.

Benefits of this book

  • Learn how to work toward creating a pleasant work environment.
  • Become aware of the pitfalls of one-way electronic communications.
  • Develop listening skills as the core of your management practices.
  • Learn the steps of effective listening.
  • Develop effective communication skills for a variety of business applications.
  • Learn how to create role-play training for your supervisors and customer service staff.
  • Plus… provide a workbook to help you place the proven strategies into action.

This book won’t do all of the work for you but it will take you through the necessary steps to help you develop an effective communication program. To learn the proven strategies and complete the workbook will require an investment of your time. Once you have begun your learning journey, I am available to help you with any questions you may have via one on one telecoaching.

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Develop Effective Speaking and Listening Skills
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