Marketing and Sales

  1. Eliminate head-to-head to head competition. Differentiate yourself from the competition by finding the benefits your customers seek; make these benefits the focus of your marketing message.
  2. Develop a twelve-month marketing plan—and do it in writing. Include costs for every marketing event, creating a budget as a percentage to annual sales.
  3. Incorporate a minimum of three different marketing media into your annual marketing plan, e.g., direct mail, print advertisements in trade magazines, and a trade show.
  4. Invest your largest efforts in your existing customers. Focus on customer satisfaction, building customer loyalty, and up-selling additional products or services.
  5. Incorporate efforts that will encourage customer referrals.
  6. Every business needs to continually develop new customers. Include in your marketing plan a strategy for providing a continuous flow of new prospects.
  7. Measure the results of every marketing event.
  8. Narrow your marketing audience down to only potential prospects who can currently use your product or service.
  9. You must convert a high percentage of prospects into sales. Examine and improve every touch-point of your sales processes to beat the competition.
  10. Develop procurement capabilities on your website.

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