Leadership Development

  1. Communicate a clear vision, and include an action plan for to how you are going to achieve that vision.
  2. Review results often, staying focused on the objective.
  3. Whatever it is you are passionate about, live it everyday. Your followers must be convinced it’s the real thing and not an act.
  4. Become a professional relationship builder. Express a sincere interest in others by listening.
  5. Consciously devote your time, effort, words, and actions to enlarging your followers. Show them you care.
  6. Build trust every day with your words and actions.
  7. Lead by example. Your followers must witness you working tirelessly toward common shared goals.
  8. Display persistence and a determination to achieve nothing less than success.
  9. Place people in their strength zones to multiply both company growth and individual employees’ job satisfaction.
  10. Multiply your impact by training new leaders.
  11. Empower your followers by giving them opportunities to be heard and make decisions that will help them improve their work product.
  12. Prioritize your tasks to maximize productivity and growth.
  13. Delegate tasks according to employees’ individual strengths, allowing you, the leader, to work “on the business” rather than “in it.”

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