I would like to share with you this though by Jack Stack, “When you appeal to the highest level of thinking, you get the highest level of performance.” Jack Stack in his book, “The Great game of Business” advocates the best and most profitable way to operate a business is to give every employee a voice on how the company can best be operated and a stake in the financial outcome. The objective is to turn operating a business into the same dynamics as playing a game – everybody in the company gets to play or participate, tapping into the common desire to win. The rewards are enormous – creating a cohesive team, developing the competitive efforts of many toward a common goal, and moving individuals toward reaching their potential with new knowledge, skills, and added self-confidence. Of course, everyone must somehow share in the financial rewards if they, as a team, are successful in building a profitable company.

To move your company in the direction of motivating your employees toward achieving common goals, an excellent place to start is with education. Ownership does not have to be limited to legal rights of company stock. You can give employees the sense of ownership by being involved in contributing ideas and being heard. A good place to start is with education; teaching employees to understand what drives the economic engine of the business. You have to teach employees how to generate cash. As they learn they grow, they enjoy life and work more productively. If you have employees who understand the economics of making money, you’ll have a better chance of motivating your employees to build a dynamic, profitable company.

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