Without a continuous flow of quality prospects, what does a business have? The answer is nothing. If you do not have anyone to sell to you don’t have a business. Without a continuous flow of quality prospects and the business processes to turn those prospects into paying customers, you simply cannot grow revenue.  Does your company have a written marketing strategy for developing a continuous flow of prospects?

The following are eight marketing tips to keep those prospects coming to you:

1)    Utilize direct marketing whenever possible. Products and services that lend themselves to direct marketing will have an advantage. Why? Because you can identify your target prospect and market directly to them by utilizing direct marketing strategies such as direct mail, telemarketing, or canvassing. For example, a retail store selling custom sofas will have a hard time identifying prospects that are in the market for a new sofa compared to a driveway company who can canvass target income neighborhoods searching for driveways in need of his services. When utilizing direct marketing strategies you can take control of lead development.

2)     Measure your customer and marketing data. In order to make informed decisions, you must measure every marketing event to accurately determine where your customers are coming from both geographically and economically. You must be able to determine which marketing strategies work best.

3)    Keep your offers simple. Narrow your offers to what works in attracting prospects; offer only those products and services in your lead development promotions. When you offer too much – too many products and choices – you confuse and you lose. Go with the 80/20 rule; present the 20% of your products or services that do 80 % of your business.

4)    Create an emotional connection. Talk about the customer, not yourself. Use the word “you” a lot. Talk about what you can do for them – to make their life easier and better. Offer them helpful, educational information of value. You need to connect with the customer on an emotional level. Prove to them how much you care about them and their best interests.

5)    Stay in front of your prospects. Repetition is the key to creating quality prospects; remember, out of sight out of mind. Make it a goal to stay in front of target customers monthly. To keep the prospects coming you need to stay fresh in people’s memory.

6)    Don’t wait for the phone to ring. Go out and be progressive. You need to keep planting seeds to keep the prospects rolling in.  Deliver door hangers, canvass your target prospects door to door, give free price quotes, call targeted prospects on the phone- introduce yourself, mail sales literature and follow-up; host an event or attend a trade show. Whatever you do, don’t sit around waiting for prospects to come to you.

7)    Follow-up. Follow-up targeted post cards by telephone. Stay in touch with prospects who have expressed an interest. Hold role playing sales training sessions to improve the results of your sales staff.

8)    Dial up your website to offer more educational value. By expanding the value of your website through educational articles as well as helpful product decision- making information, you can create a steady flow of prospects from your website.

9)    Push your brand visually throughout your marketing neighborhood. Point of sale signs, business trucks, etc When a person see your name often in the neighborhood, it creates a connection.

10)Utilize the wow factor. Increase customer satisfaction beyond their expectations to get your customers talking about you with their friends. Referrals from your customers can offer a flow of new prospects. Improve results by offering incentives to your customers to bring you referrals.

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