Every company has a lid on its growth potential based on the skills and effectiveness of the leader. How skilled are you as a leader to move your company forward?  Do you possess the knowledge and leadership skills to enhance other people’s talents to augment the company’s growth?

Effective leaders understand the power of multiplying the growth of their organization by turning their key followers into leaders. When a leader can only affect the growth of an organization by the people they can touch directly, your effect is limited to those numbers of people. On the other hand, for every leader you develop, you can affect additional people in the organization far beyond your reach. As a result, for every follower you develop into a leader, you can multiply the number of people you touch as well as multiplying the effect on the growth of the organization.

Consider the following results when you analyze the return on your time spent working with your followers. When you work with the bottom twenty percent, you are spending your time attempting to improve weaknesses. When you work with your best follower’s one on one, you can improve their strengths one at a time. But when you work on teaching your best followers leadership skills, you are spending your time affecting every person that this newly developed leader touches.  The following are some thoughts from The Maxwell Daily Reader, by John C. Maxwell.

Search for the following qualities when you are searching for a potential leader:

  • A positive attitude
  • Loyalty
  • A desire to self-improve
  • An inclination to enlarge and encourage others
  • A creative thinker

Developing followers into leaders requires you to foster a work environment that teaches leadership skills, offers new responsibilities and opportunities, and empowers people to make decisions and deliver outcomes.

The following offers a few core disciplines to include in your leadership training program:

  • How to develop constructive, motivational speaking habits.
  • How to develop quality listening skills
  • How to motivate through recognition
  • How to train people effectively for success
  • How to lead through setting the right example
  • How to lead from core values
  • How to lead by demonstrating a caring attitude about subordinates.
  • How the implications of a positive versus negative attitude affect the outcomes of leadership.

Your goal as a leader is to multiply the number of people you effectively touch. To expand the scope of your leadership, start by training your key followers into leaders. The first step is to identify your key followers who have leadership potential. The second step is to start them in an effective leadership training program.

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