Your mental attitude toward yourself and the world around you will shape your life. When we think positively about ourselves and the future, we will do greater things over the course of our lives than those who think negatively.

Our belief system determines what we think and say. When we have negative beliefs and use dissenting self-talk about our abilities and possibilities, we are doomed for mediocrity. People who have attained success possess a strong, unshakable belief in themselves; they believe in their talents and abilities; they believe they will prevail regardless of what others say or do.  As Dr. Dave Martin says in his book The 12 Traits of the Greats, people with a positive mindset are able to accomplish amazing things; they see themselves as uniquely qualified; they are able to overcome failure, foes, obstacles, and hardships because they believe their actions will ultimately lead to success. Because of their strong belief system they are able to focus on distant goals and outcomes, which permit them to make the sacrifices requited to succeed; they are not content with mediocrity.

Good or bad, our view of  life is largely shaped by our perception; we all view life through a different lens, which has been shaped by our life experiences. Therefore, our perception becomes our reality. The way we come to think determines how we interact with people and approach the thousands of experiences and circumstances that life places before us. In other words, our thinking or belief system shapes our life. We cannot change the direction of our lives until we first change the way we think about ourselves. Your future will not be determined by life circumstances or opinions of others; your future will only be determined by your own analysis and belief in yourself.

Your belief or lack of belief in yourself is a choice. But understand that anything significant we achieve in our lifetime will begin with a faith in ourselves. Any achievement begins with faith in one’s abilities.  Faith in yourself is the ability to see your own potential to get you where you want to go; it is the ability to see in your minds- eye what you want before you achieve it; faith is your ability to see who you want to become, believing you can become that person; faith is believing that your dreams and goals will become reality.

If you intend to realize your life dreams, you must believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is a choice; it is an attitude you develop over time; it is a self-confidence that you gradually acquire that will allow you to overcome all obstacles and doubts.

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