One of the greatest challenges we face every day in business is increasing revenues. Who do you rely upon to sell your products or services?  Do you entrust the revenue potential of your business to professional sales people or to hourly-wage sales clerks? Do not kid yourself, professional sales people generate substantially more revenue. As is true when hiring for any skilled position, your search must include uncovering the right people who possess the right talents, skills, and experience.

Search for the following 15 characteristics successful salespeople possess:

1)    Professional salespeople possess the human talents that are necessary to be outstanding. Typically, outstanding salespeople will receive an emotional high every time they make a sale and, as a result, possess the determination to do whatever it takes to experience that emotional high again and again.

2)    Professional salespeople possess the skills and determination to develop their own leads rather than waiting for leads to be handed to them.

3)    Professional salespeople are skilled at developing a personal connection in the first few minutes and are pros at quick relationship-building.

4)    Professional salespeople know how to ask the right questions to uncover the wants and needs of their prospects.

5)    Professional salespeople have superior product knowledge because they are willing to invest their time to learn everything there is to know about the product or service.

6)    Professional salespeople know how to educate prospects about the services or products, creating the trust and confidence necessary for a prospect to make a purchase.

7)    Professional salespeople can identify the benefits from the features of the product or service and understand the importance of selling the benefits.

8)    Professional salespeople know how to improve communication by employing outstanding listening skills.

9)    Professional salespeople possess empathy to detect subtle emotional responses from the prospect.

10)   Professional salespeople know how to ask the right questions to uncover the hidden objections the prospect does not willingly reveal.

11)   Professional salespeople have the correct answers to satisfactorily overcome objections in the prospect’s mind.

12)   Professional salespeople continue to trial close by confirming with the prospect that the objection has been satisfied before moving forward with the sale process.

13)   Professional salespeople are persistent in following up with the prospect until the sale is closed.

14)   Professional salespeople know the appropriate time to close the sale.

15)   The professional salesperson adds value to the company by servicing its customers more knowledgeably and professionally.

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